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Student Members:


The UBC Law Review Society is comprised entirely of law students, who edit all of the submissions and manage the business of the Society. Everything is administered by the Society Board, which currently has thirteen elected members. These members represent the editorial, TSL, and business staff.


Faculty advisors, some of whom have served on the Law Review’s board of directors themselves, offer direction and act as facilitators between the staff and outside interests.

We accept applications for assistant positions with the UBC Law Review Society in September each year. For further information please contact us.

Board of Directors 


  • Katie Browning (Editorial)

  • Cassandra Federico (Administrative)

Executive Business Manager:

  • Jacquelyn Li


Executive Editor:

  • Danny Park


Associate Business Managers: 

  • Jaclyn Miller 

  • Savreen Toor


Associate Editors:

  • Tae Young Bae

  • Ananya Bhargava

  • Justin Chhuor

  • Audrey Huang

  • Kevin Hughes

  • Kulshan Mahal


External Relations Manager:

  • Pedram Gholipour


Submissions Manager:

  • Sarah Scott

  • Sina S Ali

  • Huba Arif

  • Adam Berk

  • Konstantin Bozhinov

  • Lilly Callender

  • Marcella Chan

  • Lauren Clayton

  • Zachary Couture

  • Ashley Dhanda

  • Selasie Doe-Demosse

  • Kevin Doering

  • Scott Gilpin

  • Brendan Harris

  • Surahbi Kulshrestha

  • Claire Lee

  • Rianna Melnik

  • Tora Oliphant

  • Vikram Padmanabhan

  • Liam Peet-Pare

  • Gabriella Pasolli

  • Miranda Pinter-Collett

  • Maanasa Rajaguru

  • Kylie Schatz

  • Jaya Scott

  • Martin Shi

  • Miles Schaffrick

  • Summer Tan

  • Maddie Thomas

  • Josh van Es

  • Elana Yamanouchi

Assistant Editors

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